Friday, November 25, 2016

After over all excitement, had an awesome trip. It was so wonderful.We had gone to Kanjirakolli, 60 km apart from Kannur, it had taken only few hours trip, a small trip. The place consists grasslands,forests,hills which covered by snow. Alakapuri waterfalls which can see only in monsoon seasons .Can also view the Coorg of Karnataka and Sasi Rock which are situating in the valleys of Kanjirakolli. While traveling 25 km from Thaliparambu to Iritty road, we reach Sreekandapuram.From there around 10 km left to Payyavoor Town. From there right passing through Kunnathoorpadi. We can reach Kanjirakolli within half an hour.
We reached Kanjirakolli, we parked our bikes and kept helmets in a shop.and also had a coffee from there. There is 20 RS as pass for entry and we started walk aim to Alakapuri Waterfalls Many waterfalls had been seen Earlier, But Alakapuri waterfalls is totally different from it, it was good atmosphere and clear sky from morning itself.but after sometime it has changed ..suddenly a huge rain has arrived and we enjoyed the rain with a bath and walk towards Sasipaara (Sasi Rock). There is only little distance to walk,there is also jeep service facilities are available for those who needs.There are many hills and hilly area through the way.There is also rooms are available for tourists.