Friday, November 25, 2016

After each trip I am becoming more attach to the greenish nature. Every trip is giving rejoice to our minds ,just think about the happiness animals and living things which are staying at these wonderful heaven. But human are always become harmful to their happiness.

The love towards the nature tend me to planning to go trips. That type of journey had gone yesterday. While choosing about a trip everybody is thinking about long distance..But nobody should see the real beauty which are locating neibour to us. But this trip was totally against that. This place is Real Heaven of Sights. From here we can see the faded view of Calicut International Airport, the peoples waiting for arrival and departure, beautiful sunrise can also have been seen at hills. Cool breeze is blowing every time, and enjoy the beauty of nature at here.

We 3 friends started our journey through the layers of fog , hoping the beautiful views. Started journey at morning 5 o clock. It was through Musliar Street to Muchikund Colony. It is hilly road and huge slopes, Narrow roads, and 2 small hairpin curves. While going upwards fog is becoming harder and harder , which is blocking our sights. We traveled slowly due to strange road and due to fog. The roads are made up of stones , While going hilly area road became more worse, we get down from jeep and started walk. At 6 am we reached our destination Misty Hills invited the guest with great happiness, cool breeze blowing at intervals, leaves of the trees whispering like the music.

But we are disappointed due to heavy fog ,it blocks the real beauty from our sights.The greenish surroundings, hills, valleys and sunrise at the hills all are faded due to fog. We spend there some time while looking into fog which are move by wind. Really Malapuram is a blessed land with its nature. Seas, ponds,hills and streams are existed here. Then we are busy with capturing the photographs of it into our mobile phones .

Occasionally fog allows us to view the nature on moving. But its not clear. We enjoyed there lot of time, we returned from there after satisfaction, walked down through rocky road.After that we moved to Mini Ooty, there also same situation, Everything is covered by fog. Fog plays a villain role to us, he wouldn't allow us to view the real greenish nature. The roads are still not clear and sunny at 8 am. Still sleeping inside the blanket of fog. I will come again to visit and enjoy the beauty, took determination in mind, said goodbye to there and returned to home via Vengara.