Monday, December 12, 2016

This small grassland is situating at Coonnor near Ooty. Due to lack of literature and laziness about writing malayalam, I m not explaining about briefly. It was a story of traveled at last year. The two days gave me lot of unforgettable moments.
Wished to watch the sunrise, had gone to Graveyard of Tiker Hill . It is the graveyard of Foreigners who had died in India at 1800 s. The tombs are very beautiful and made up with Rock containing beautiful sculpts.Reached there at 12 o clock approximately, get inside by jumped over the walls of graveyard. Spend there few time by talking and Taking photos. There exists a wild nature for darkness and Silence of here.

There is existed a huge statue of an angel inside the graveyard which is having 6 feet height and made up with Marble. It is very clean and free from dust and mud, keeping safe by the guards ,whom can't see by naked eyes. We went outside graveyard and made a tent at grass. The cool became at its high. We tried to make fire, but the woods and grass was wet, so we failed.Finally we stayed inside the tent with shivering. Finally we saw him, came out with reddish light with great power. While seeing that view, everybody must say that "Sun - The whole source of Energy.


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